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[via GoArticles.Com] Traffic Dashboard Review – Truths and Traffic Dashboard Bonus

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Free Premium WordPress Theme – SEO Ready

Have you been imagining your website or blog at the top page of the Big-G and wishing you could afford an SEO consultant, or better still and SEO ready WordPress theme, to accelerate your position on the search engines?

Wake up, you can now have it! Your own premium WordPress Theme at no cost to you, thanks to Joshua Denning and Eddy Croft of the Guru Siphon Formula, who recently announced a limited time only Giveaway of their premium Affiliate Accelerator WordPress Theme.

Josh and Eddy are SEO experts who run their own Search Marketing firm and have assisted many top online marketers get top positions on the search engines.  They have got the theme fully optmized to help you get the same advantage that top earners in your market have been enjoying.

Go download your own free seo theme now, before they pull down the freebie site, and I’ll see your blog at the top of the search engines. Click here to get the free wordpress theme.

Yours in success,


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How to Make Your First 4 Figure Affiliate Commission

The goal of every online marketer is to accelerate quickly to the level of super affiliate.  Super affiliates are those that earn in the range of four, five and more incomes in as short a time from weekly  to monthly. What seperates the super affiliates from others is the skill and speed at which they do certain income generating activies.

Joshua Denning and Eddy Croft, two SEO experts and super affiliates have now revealed the exact formula they use everytime to earn four figure income in the Guru Siphon Formula affiliate training video course.

Often, beginers and struggling marketers either do not know what activities bring the most impact to a business, and in most cases they do not even know how to perform the activities effectively for optimal results.  Available products that claim to address the skill gaps of beginer affiliate marketers often leaves buyers of their products hanging with insufficient knowledge, so that they look forward to buying upgrades of their next product release.

As an online marketer, I am always looking for ways to learn “what’s working now” since how much I know and can do determines how much income I can generate.  I recently reviewed a newly launched affiliate marketing product and I am excited to share my findings with you. The product is called the Guru Siphon Formula.

Guru Siphon Formula was created by Joshua Denning and Eddy Croft, two ordinary guys who started out in the online marketing industry, from scratch like most people today, and managed to crack the code of how to get more commissions with the same amount of efforts and less time.

In the course they also revealed an “exclusive inner circle” where only the few insiders are privy to promote top-tier Guru products in pre-launch, before the public gets wind of it, thus giving the lucky few an advantage to make huge sales and profit.

They are now revealing the exact, same blueprint that they use daily to achieve 4 figure commissions weekly.

Overview of the Course

The Guru Siphon Formula covers beginner to advanced level skills needs including:

  • Technical (blog) setup;
  • Researching a profitable market
  • Finding the hottest buying keywords;
  • Optimizing your blog for top search engine ranking;
  • Driving targeted traffic to your blog;
  • Building a list of responsive prospects;
  • Marketing high profile pre-launch products;
  • Pay per click advertising and many more.
  • Lots of bonus trainings and tools including a free SEO’d WordPress theme. You may want to check out the complete Guru Siphon Formula free bonus offers here.

What Guru Siphon Formula Promises

Josh and Eddy had been in the coolers before now, repeatedly making four figure income every two weeks, with minimal effort.

Now they are revealing that exact, same blueprint to help every beginner and struggling online marketer de-mystify the process of earning 3 figure incomes, starting from scratch and with a simple WordPress blog and 100% free traffic.

In summery, the Josh and Eddy used a live case to teach how to generate a minimum of $1000 in 14 days. They showed live, how to:

  • Start from scratch and build a simple wordpress blog;
  • Research for hot selling products and low competition buying key phrases;
  • Optimize a website for maximum traffic;
  • Create marketing campaigns;
  • Drive traffic to a website;
  • How to get wind of about-to-launch Guru products
  • How to enter the inner circle to promote a Guru product launch and many more

Anyone looking for a working blueprint for building on zero budget would find this course timely and useful. Every lesson ended with assignments, in step-by-step lists, so that you know exactly what to do.

I found this course very simple to understand. The picture and sound quality are very clear and it is all practical – feels like being in a classrom or a workshop. In fact I was playing and pausing the videos while carbon-copying the exact steps from Josh and Eddy.

Who Should Get the Guru Siphon Formula and Why?

Every module is a working session that walks the student closer and closer to the earning goal of the entire course.

The GSF course is targeted at:

  • Absolute beginners in online business, no matter what product or service you are in or want get in, who have NEVER setup a blog or website or online business;
  • Offline business owners who want to launch their business online in order to get more customers;
  • Existing marketers who have NEVER made up to a thousand dollars before or in at least 1 month;
  • Existing marketers struggling to earn more than they are currently

The Guru Siphon Formula is delivered in working, practical sessions with assignments at the end of every lesson. Therefore it is suitable for anyone looking for a complete A-Z working formula of top earners, in sight and sound.

Josh and Eddy have thrown in some motivators to ensure that all product owners complete their assignments within 2 weeks.  They are giving extra free one-on-one review of campaigns and coaching for people that create their campaigns on time.

Presentation and Delivery Method

The delivery approach of this course makes it difficult for any course taker not to take action. With the click-by-click easy steps and end of lesson assignments, the trainers always assure the student at the beginning of every module, by saying “Don’t worry if you don’t know about these terms, it is all explained in a very easy format”.

I have been a student of Josh and Eddy and they are a honest bunch who put their soul into helping their students see results, and making sure that not a single person is left without stepping up.  Sometimes, I had to push myself hard even when I was tempted to be lazy, just so as not to disappoint them.

In fact Josh and Eddy are even offering live coaching calls to motivate the first few product owners who are able to put up their campaigns.

You know, most of these marketers just don’t have the time to work hand in hand with their customers who are usually struggling marketers.  If you are looking for real help and a real coach with a teacher’s heart, you can get all that from the Guru Siphon Formula here.

Giweaway for Everyone: ‘Commission Accelerator’ Affiliate  Theme

Just to let you know that the Guru Siphon Formula team has announced that it’s releasing a few copies of Affiliate Accelerator SEO-ready WordPress Theme free to internet marketers, for a limited time only.  They say you do not need to purchase the course to get this.

The theme is fully optimized to help you rank well on Google and other search engines.

On the top of my wish list had been “an SEO’d WordPress theme” but I could not afford one because they are quite pricey. If you are a discount lover, freebie lover person like me, you’d love this. I have now downloaded the free theme before they take it away.

I don’t know how long this would be open but when I checked today it’s still open for free downloads. Click here to get the Commission Accelerator Affiliate WordPress Theme.

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